Lightex, since 1991 intends to consolidate its leadership as one of the best lighting manufacturers in the lighting projects sector, by achieving the following objectives of excellence and keeping them constantly up to standard:
  • Maximum Customer satisfaction in terms of absolute reliability in quality, excellent service, unweavering competitiveness and optimum flexibility.
  • Consistent high performance of all available resources aimed at maintaining a level not only of extreme efficiency but to constantly improve it.
  • Technological innovation understood as an indispensable and decisive factor to continuously optimize the quality and productivity.
  • Constant improvement of its already long acknowledged and valuable skills in engineering, innovation and development for even more advanced and sophisticated parts.
  • Effective on-line technological support by solving all types of specific problems regarding the use of the products.
  • Involvement and full commitment of all personnel in achieving this project and these goals.
Aquazero mini ES 50
Aquadown micro steel
Aqua 01 MR 16 - 12 V - IP 66
Aquadown Mini L.E.D. 3W

Aquaquadro Mini L.E.D. 3W

Aquadeep 20 watt “T”

Aquadeep 20 watt “Q”

Aquaquadro mini 35 watt - MR 16

Aquaquadro medio 10 watt - ES 50

Aquaquadro maxi 70 watt - G12

Aquadown Compact “T” ES 50
Aquadisk 20 watt
Aquaquadro medio asymmetric

Aquaquadro maxi asymmetric

Aquadown mini “Q” ES 50 (square)
2206 Die-cast

2240 Die-cast

Aquadown mini 01 ES 50
Aquadouble ES 50
2203 Smooth - 50 watt - MR 16

2241 Smooth - 50 watt - MR 16

221 Smooth - 50 watt - MR 16

Aquadown medio fluo 10 “T”

Aquadown medio fluo 10 “Q”

Aquaplate mini 10 watt - MR 11

Aquaplate medio 10 watt - G24 d-1

Aquaplate maxi 35 watt - G12

Aqualite IP65

Aqualite Rettangolo

Aquadown maxi 35 watt - G12 “T”

Aquadown maxi 35 watt - G12 “Q”

Aquatarget IP 65
Aquadown maxi 70 watt - Rx7s “T”

Aquadown maxi 70 watt - Rx7s “Q”

Aqualuce IP 65
Aquadown mega 150 watt - G12 “T”

Aquadown mega 150 watt - G12 “Q”

Aqualand “C”Aqualand “CS” Aqualand medio 01 metal halides
Aqualinea IP 67
LX3000 Rx7s
Aqualinea  IP 67
Aquaria 01 (1x20 watt) Aquaria 02 (2x35 watt) Aquaria 02 maxi
LX3050 micro
LX4000 range
Aquasill IP 65
LX3035 mini
LX5000 mini
Quadro system
LX3020 medio
LX5000 medio
B.A.T. system
LX3035 maxi
F.I.R.E. energy saving